Potemkin City Limits

Written by: PP on 30/10/2005 14:20:01

To someone not familiar with Propagandhi, their new album "Potemkin City Limits" may sound boring, repetetive and uninnovative, and they may ditch the record after just a few listens. But these people haven't paid enough attention to the album. Behind the simple power chords and angry, hateful vocals you'll find some of the best lyrics that the political punk scene can offer. "Die Jugend Marschiert" highlights this by being a fictional, though ironically (scarily?) realistic speech held by a high-ranked US Army official, where he accidentally reveals to the audience, that he believes the nation is full of idiots, and then straigh after insults the rest of the nation's capability to affect on government's decisions.

This is also how most of the songs work. They are deep political and social critiques on the current affairs in America. "Rock For Sustainable Capitalism" is a big fuck you to all punk bands whose lyrics no longer have anything to do with politics, and it defines what Propagandhi is all about: Well-produced, however still raw three chorded melodic punk rock with angry, extreme left-wing politics either explicitly stated in songs like "Iteration", where George Bush is holding a speech and after each sentence the audience laughs, or hidden in between the lines like in "Life At Disconnect".

Propagandhi are angry. They hate the government and current state of affairs, and they aren't afraid to shout it out loud. But despite the lyrical excellence, this album's songs are awfully similar in tune, not allowing the album to leave a long-lasting memory. To someone who is already familiar with Propagandhi, this album will also sound downtuned from the likes of "Today's Empires, Tomorrow's Ashes". There's more production, the old-style hardcore vocals have been replaced with clear, understandable ones, and the speed has been slowed down radically if compared to songs like "March Of The Crabs". If you're one of those who listens to the lyrics carefully already on the first listen, this is a great album for you. Otherwise, well, check out a few songs before buying it.


Download: Die Jugend Marschiert, Iteration
For the fans of: Rise Against, Strike Anywhere

Release date 18.10.2005
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