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Written by: TL on 02/09/2008 15:04:41

Admittedly, it would have probably furthered the credibility of the review of Siamese Fighting Fish's first EP, named merely "SIFIFI EP" (Ed: Actually, it was called "For You EP" but due to a misunderstanding, we didn't know this on date of posting), if I had got my act together and done it before we had their lead singer Mirza join us as a writer. Be that as it may, I'm doing it now, so I guess you can either trust that I'll be totally objective and take whatever grief that might involve, or distrust me altogether.

In either case, I think I can manage to at least describe the band's sound without bias. As such, Siamese Fighting Fish is a band that, as I've mentioned previously in live reviews of them, have a strongly audible influence in Incubus, and while that's the one most people will recognise, their liking for harder music genres moves them closer in resemblance to Boyhitscar. This EP, the product of a stay in Sweet Silence Studios that the guys won in this years Melody Makers Contest, showcases three tracks of the band's typical sound. The songs are jam packed with several parts, expanding the verse/chorus formula and stating clearly that these guys are interested in more than writing a handful of good pop songs. Funky guitar riffs and rhythms dominate the expression, bringing loads of 90's bands to mind, like Red Hot Chili Peppers and Jane's Addiction, while quiet/loud dynamics and Mirza's singing, varying between normal clean singing, falsetto and screaming, keeps the mood somewhat more serious than the cheekiness of those bands.

In general, there's little to complain about. Instrumentally speaking, the sound is pretty much tight enough to suggest a more recognized band behind it, supported of course by the crystal clear production Sweet Silence has brought to the table. About Mirza's singing, I might not have been the biggest fan when I first heard him, and as he throws his voice well around the registry throughout the EP, the clarity of the production also uncovers small flaws here and there. However, that's nothing we haven't heard far worse on a thousand other debuts, and especially in the few places where he sings his deeper parts, his voice is nice and voluminous. Just check out "For You (Part 1)"'s "I've been thinking of things to say to you" lines and you'll know what I mean.

Overall, there's much to like about the ambition and promise of these three songs, however, it is my opinion that it wouldn't hurt the guys to get a more solid idea about what things in their sound are capable of sweeping the listener along with them, seeing how important that's always going to be for a band that goes beyond obvious song structures. Other than that, I'd just advice that you check out the EP yourself and keep an eye out for Siamese Fighting Fish, especially if you're an Incubus fan or you just like a slight dash of funk in your rock.


Download: For You (Part 1)
For The Fans Of: Incubus, Boyhitscar, Jane's Addiction, Red Hot Chili Peppers

Release Date 01.07.2008

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