We All Face The Dark Alone EP

Written by: PP on 31/08/2008 00:27:04

Usually when a couple of dudes start writing music together, the end result is a couple of songs, perhaps a demo or an EP's worth, which they then take to the studio to record and distribute during shows. This is the stage in a band's career where the songs are often hastily written, only for the sake of having some songs to enable the band to play some shows. Sweden's Moloken, an old Swedish word meaning gloomy or downhearted, are following a path similar to the one just described, except instead of writing number of songs for their debut EP, they've got just one song laid down - "We All Face The Dark Alone". A mammoth song, may I add, lasting a whole fifteen minutes, made out of three parts all exploring the human psyche in one way or another.

Now on paper, this seems like an interesting concept, but unfortunately for Moloken, it isn't a very practical solution for someone only wanting to become familiar with the band to start out with. How many of us can honestly admit to being able to afford 15 minutes of active-listening time to check out a new band? There may be some in the crowd, but the vast majority of people in today's ADD society will listen for three to four minutes and switch onto something else, an all too tempting idea I myself confess to as well.

Combine that with extremely dark, gloomy, angry metal, the kind that fails to meet any genre definition more specific, and I'd say most people will pass by Moloken relatively quickly. They have a raging vocalist that doesn't make the album any more accessible, and the guitars are overly distorted, often leaving the listener in the middle of a discordant mess, that (weakly) tries to build some kind of song progression or relevance to the actual story. You can wave catchy goodbye on the track, as so far I haven't been able to find one riff or hook with the ability to turn heads... which isn't always a bad thing, but in Moloken's case it kinda is. All I'm getting out of the album is a 15 minutes worth of discordance with some madman screaming/growling, and all of it with questionable production. The fact that I really can't think of anything else to say about Moloken says it all. Sure, the band's idea is decent on paper, but either they just aren't ready yet (in terms of their songwriting capacity) or turning that idea into a coherent structure that's actually enjoyable to listen to for 15 minutes isn't possible.


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Release date 27.08.2008
Discouraged Records

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