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Behind Silence And Solitude

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Today, All That Remains are, according to many, the undisputed kings of the dying metalcore scene. Together with bands like Darkest Hour, they are considered to be standing dozens of steps ahead their contemporaries, thanks to magnificent releases like 2004's "This Darkened Heart" and the band's latest masterpiece "The Fall Of Ideals" from two years ago. But like Darkest Hour, the band went through an early period where their sound wasn't quite as fully developed as it is today, which can be seen on their re-released debut album "Behind Silence And Solitude".

But already here, All That Remains are foreshadowing the greatness to come. The fretwork is pretty much on par with "The Fall Of Ideals" on the first half of the album, with technically proficient riffs and hooks drawing inspiration from the stale Gothenburg metal scene, meaning astonishing twin-guitar melodies scattered everywhere. Especially the title track and "From These Wounds" carry unforgettable riffs that beg for the air guitar to be brought out into daylight.

So what's the difference between this and their later releases? The answer lies in the vocal department. Phil Labonte's vocals are much rougher on the album, falling more into the growl territory rather than the familiar scream/shriek of the band's later albums, and clean vocals are completely absent from the record. While the band makes do without them on the title track and on a few others, many tracks could've done with the clean vocal chorus and/or some verse bits to add diversity to their sound. The question for "Behind Silence And Solitude" is that when the guitars are this melodic, why aren't the vocals as well? Today, we know that the band asked themselves the same question and look at the result.

As such, "Behind Silence And Solitude" ranks as the weakest album in the All That Remains back catalogue thus far (which by no means equals bad!), but it does offer an interesting reference point to where the band was standing on their debut album, only six years ago. This development is the reason why bands like Knights Of The Abyss are said to have so much potential today, because if they're able to do what All That Remains did, they too will become worshipped by those who love the fusion of brutality and melody.


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Release date 19.11.2007
(Original release date 26.03.2002)
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