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Written by: PP on 30/08/2008 00:32:48

There was a time when being punk rock meant you distinguished yourself from the crowd, and separated yourself from the norms of the society. Today, virtually all punk bands rant left-leaning policies in their songs, play similar shows and tours across the country, and have roughly the same fanbase together. Let me ask you a question: how punk rock is that exactly? While they're all trying to be so rebellious against the mainstream, they've actually themselves become conformists, the thing that all of them loathe so much! That's why Texas, US based Yuppie Pricks might just be the punkest punk band around.

You see, Yuppie Pricks are the opposite of all those bands, and the only band (to my knowledge) that advocates capitalism, rich people's dominance, and voting for the republican party. "Fuck You, I'm Rich", "Frat Cars" and "G.O.P" are all examples of this, and although the band admittedly labels themselves as parody/comedy on Myspace, on some level they are hitting the bullseye when it comes to today's punk rock movement.

Musically, however, the band falls a bit flat of my expectations for such interesting ideals. They play very basic, medium pace three chord punk melodic punk rock with few surprises, and only a few good tracks scattered midst the 10 tracks on the record. And their vocalist is terrible, but I guess it's more punk rock points for Yuppie Pricks since he couldn't sing properly if his life depended on it. He mediates somewhere between an annoyingly high yell and a scratched clean vocal, which is an alright starting point, but he fails outright at capitalizing on the band's otherwise catchy chords. The monotonous delivery doesn't help either.

The way that things are standing now, Yuppie Pricks shouldn't expect to grow too much bigger from their current state. They are a novelty act for the time being, and that novelty wears off quite quickly, as unfortunate as it is for the overall state of the punk rock scene.


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Release date 08.07.2008
Chicken Ranch

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