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Written by: TL on 24/08/2008 00:56:11

Many Things Untold is another pack of seventeen year old Brits who, after 4 years as a band have now managed to get signed to Rising Records, landing themselves a release of their debut album "Atlantic". Can you produce an awesome album at such a young age? Read on to find out!

It takes 7 seconds for "Atlantic" to reveal what sound Many Things Untold are playing at. By the books melodic metalcore with predictable clean/screamed vocal arrangements and breakdowns a plenty is the order of the day, and these youngsters seem to have read the textbook to the letter, putting together an accurate snapshot of the kind of metalcore that's been the highest trend in the fringe-scene of late. Apart from the music, pictures of the band tell me that they also have the clothes, the hair and the piercings right, so it seems they're set to conquer the minds of the young in the near future. Too bad they're missing the key ingredient, but before I reveal what it is, check out the recipe;

- A dash of Bring Me The Horizon (the manic shrieks and simplistic breakdowns!)

- A hint of Enter Shikari (more breakdowns and the echoing shout-choirs)

- A gallon of your average melodic metal-band (All That Remains would do nicely)

** Shake and bake people! **

- Et voila! Many Things Untold warm out of the oven!

Now I ask you, did anyone else miss the word "imagination" in that formula? If you didn't, listen to "Atlantic" and it'll be as hard to miss as an elephant in a lamp shop, because the reaction that Many Things Untold are going to get from the vast majority of knowing music fans will sound something along the lines "this has so been done before a million times" or maybe just "baah, generic". Expect more originality in the next Nickelback record and you won't be disappointed. Even if some of the hyper-melodic choruses, like for instance that of "Safety In Monotony", manage to get their claws on your mind, it's impossible to shake the impression that this band is trying much harder to sound like all their favorite bands, than to sound like themselves. The instrumentation and production is all impressive for a band this young, but nevertheless, listeners who like some identity to their songs will listen to this a handful of times at best.

Download: Safety In Monotony
For The Fans Of: Blessthefall, Enter Shikari, Bring Me The Horizon

Release Date 14.07.2008
Rising Records

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