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Written by: AP on 24/10/2005 20:19:05

8thSin is probably a band that not many of you recognize. Personally, I had never heard of the Swedish five-piece act before a promotional copy of their second album, ?Angelseed & Demonmilk?, landed in my postbox. Don?t be mistaken though, 8thSin is one of the most unique metal bands I?ve been introduced to lately. Their combination of electronics with coarse power chorded metal riffs brings to mind bands like Rob Zombie, RTPN, Powerman 5000 and Zeromancer.

?Angelseed & Demonmilk? is one of those albums that capture your interest with the very first track, and while it could then disappoint you with an utter lack of variation, it continues to surprise. Each song contributes to the album a new, constantly progressing sound, dominated by low-tuned guitars, strange yet alluring tempos and a touch of electronic music, allowing the band to invent an entirely unique style that can best be described as some kind of industrial electronic Goth metal.

The album begins with ?A sleepover at the feeling of death?; the intro of which attempts to fool the listener into believing what is to follow is typical black- or death metal in the style of Deicide or Six Feet Under. The song then explodes into an impressive, fast and dense flow of Powerman 5000?ish industrial metal, transported by waves of electronic sounds that enhance both the guitar work and drums, giving the song a very captivating beat that unconsciously inspires tapping or headbanging to the rhythm while thinking, ?Vow! These guys must really kick it live!?. ?Liars? then kicks in with peculiar electronic sounds and a drum intro that brings to mind the drums in Soulfly?s ?Prophecy?. The guitar gradually plays in with IT?s scream of ?liars!? ? also notice the impressive guest performance by Hypocrisy?s Peter T?gtgren. While the rest of the tracks develop the sound introduced in ?A sleepover at the feeling of death? even further, it is track number six, ?Templo mayor? that impresses the most. It comprises an extremely catchy electronic melody and slow tempo. The song is almost entirely dominated by electronics and drums, with the guitars providing only a slight touch of heaviness, assuring that the core of 8thSin?s music is still metal rather than techno. ?The eight sins, part II? then concludes the album with a tranquil, foreboding melody, highlighted by occasional explosions and ghastly sighs.

If 8thSin are able to put on this impressive a performance in my earphones, I am very curious to experience their act live. ?Angelseed & Demonmilk? is industrial metal at its best, bringing in aspects of electronic music, black metal and Goth to create an entirely unique genre that the band defines itself by. The lyrics are evidently very thoughtfully written, containing alluring depths and extreme symbolism that are sometimes difficult to understand. Nevertheless, with its catchy sound, ?Angelseed & Demonmilk? is definitely worth its cost. The beauty of this album lies in that it is able to capture the interest of not only the fans of industrial metal, but almost all other genres as well, ranging from techno to black metal. ?Angelseed & Demonmilk? is a multi-aspect breakthrough for the Swedish 8thSin that deserves a slot in every record collection.


Download: A sleepover at the feeling of death, Templo mayor
For the fans of: Hypocrisy, Rob Zombie, Zeromancer

Release date 24.10.2005
Black Lodge Records
Provided by Target ApS

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