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Disgorge, Mexico

Written by: PP on 17/08/2008 14:56:40

Fuck The Facts, hailing from Ottawa, Canada, are one of the most talked about bands of recent times in Relapse's roster. These guys have been slowly developing their sound forward, resisting to be categorized just as yet another grindcore band, which has been visible from album to album. On "Disgorge, Mexico", the group's fifth (or eighth, depending on how you view their catalogue) full length album, that evolution has taken the band even further from the restricting limits of grindcore, this time landing the band nicely into the chaos-hardcore territory dominated largely by Converge.

During the 43 or so minutes of "Disgorge, Mexico", you can expect to have your ears bleed in the worst possible way, as the band's breakneck speed assault borrows heavily from the first 5 tracks from the latest Converge masterpiece "No Heroes". We're talking "Heartache"/"Hellbound" styled brutal instrumental onslaught, except slightly faster and slightly more complicated instrumentals, utilizing equally much from their grindcore background as from the newly acquired Converge influence. Their vocalist is equally impressive, barking, shrieking, growling and just simply destroying her (!) way through the songs at manic speeds, leaving the listener so breathing space whatsoever.

Should the band have pursued the chaos on every single second of the album, it would've become monotonous very quickly. Tracks like "Absence And Despite", which at least starts atmospherically in the vein of The Psyke Project, are therefore extremely welcomed moments where the listener is allowed to reflect on the utter and inexplainable chaos going on elsewhere on the record. "Dead End" is another great example, as it utilizes a "Grimm Heart"-style haunted atmosphere to slow things down a notch, before "Driving Through Fallen Cities" brings the heaviness and swirling grindcore riffage back.

Although Fuck The Facts are still a few steps behind Converge when it comes to mastering the crazy musical landscape of chaos hardcore, on some level you can't have much else than respect for their sound. It's so well developed and complex that it's likely to leave your jaw glued to the ground, even if the majority of music fans will find them all too heavy, raw and chaotic to listen to. For the moments you just want to break down all the walls around to, "Disgorge, Mexico" is great background music, and, if nothing else, it serves as a nice little treat to those of us eagerly waiting for the next Converge release to land.


Download: Absence And Despite, La Culture Du Faux, No Return
For the fans of: Converge, The Psyke Project
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Release date 28.07.2008

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