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Written by: EW on 11/08/2008 19:48:13

Trigger the Bloodshed\'s debut album \"Purgation\" doesn\'t so much as emerge from the speakers as explode in a ball of blasting fury, enough to catch anyone by surprise, especially those not acquainted with Death Metal who might actually suffer a heart-attack at what\'s going on here. To some, Trigger the Bloodshed may fit under the Deathcore bracket but \"Purgation\" proves they are far from being as dull, monotone and brainless, as well as being as devoid of the pathetic kiddie fringes, as their main UK rivals Bring Me The Horizon.

The listener is treated to 17 tracks (if you include the 18 second intro which still finds the time to fit in some blasting) of unrelenting brutality that virtually doesn\'t cease right up until the end of the album\'s 36 minutes. The album\'s main benefactor is that it just about manages to avoid becoming too over-bearing like many of the most downright brutal albums tend to, though anymore and the \"OK, I give in, I can\'t take it anymore!\" feeling would\'ve begun to take effect. Apart from the odd sample and the acoustic introduction to album-closer \"A Perfect Casket\", the speed is unforgiving and can be viewed as both \"Purgation\"\'s strength and weakness; their dedication to the cause is admirable but the old chestnut of whether songs are distinguishable from one another must always be considered. To TtB\'s defence, tracks are just about varied enough, with a mix of vocal styles present, from the patented Deathcore semi-shriek, deep guttural growls and a growl somewhere in between, to an almighty killer leading riff in \"Retribution\" which alone makes it the album highlight. The style is very much of the new-school of brutality than that of the old masters despite the occasional ancient DM flourish (\"Lovers\") and is of course likely to appeal to fans of the new-fangled Deathcore style and the likes of Hate Eternal. \"Laceration\" features a thumping slower riff that Hatebreed would be proud of (if they haven\'t already used it) but marks are unfortunately lost for the slightly mechanised feel at times, most damning in the drum sound and triggering (no pun intended). Just check out the ending of \"The Abortive Becoming\" to hear what I mean.

For a debut album, however, this is very promising, mainly because Trigger the Bloodshed sound far too tight to be a debut-album band. In a UK scene I\'ve always believed that has bereft of even vaguely recognisable acts of extreme brutality like this, Trigger the Bloodshed might have just put their name out there to lead the charge.

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Release date 17.03.08
Rising Records

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