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\"The Sickness\" was a great album released around the climax of the nu-metal movement, one that epitomized (and to an extent, still does) everything good about the genre when it was at its most creative. If your impression of Disturbed is based on anything released since then, you should probably go back and check out the album, because the band has been sucking some major balls after the debut. \"Believe\" was alright, but lacked power-anthems like \"Stupify\", and \"Ten Thousand Fists\" was downright embarrassing, as if the band decidedly went for the 12 year old gateway-to-metal crowd instead of fulfilling an artistic desire or inspiration. This, of course, was a recipe for commercial success, and the band has sold more than 10 million albums since then, creating a \"boo, corporate rock\"-styled backlash from the critics and the music scene. Nonetheless, both releases passed me by relatively unnoticed, so I figured it\'s time to check out what the band are up to on their fourth album, \"Indestructible\".

Previous fans of the band will be pleased to discover the band hasn\'t changed much. Singer David Draiman\'s familiar scratched vocals and his terrible lyricism (\"Mind I\'m-ma-ma-ma lost my mind I\'m-ma-ma lost my mind-ma-ma-ma\" on \"Perfect Insanity\") are still there, except he seems to have returned to the explosiveness we last heard on \"The Sickness\". The choruses are as catchy as you\'d expect from a major label hard rock act, but as an added surprise, Disturbed has discovered, against all odds, the art of guitar soloing. And they aren\'t just your ordinary wanna-be passages of a few notes pretending to replace an actual solo, they\'re technically proficient, at times extremely complex and add a huge amount of depth to the record that would otherwise sound flat and generic. Additionally, all the songs have become guitar-driven as opposed to being lead by Draiman alone, relying on catchy hooks and groove in a way we haven\'t heard from the band in the past.

However, if you didn\'t like the band then, there\'s little here to suggest you\'ll like them today. The sound is still very transparently nu-metal and focused on entertainment rather than artistic value (although, I must add, the band comes pretty close to the latter during some solos). \"Indestructible\" sounds exactly like most other songs on the Modern Rock BillBoard chart, or those you\'ll hear on any North American \"hard rock\" radio station. If that doesn\'t pose a problem for you, then you\'ll be glad to know that \"Indestructible\" is the best album Disturbed has released in eight years.


Download: The Night
For the fans of: Drowning Pool, SOiL, Mudvayne, Papa Roach

Release date 03.06.2008

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