Dominator (EP)

Written by: EW on 28/07/2008 20:23:08

Impiety are arguably the most well-known band hailing from Singapore and happen to be a thoroughly unholy mix of Black, Death and Thrash Metal, and not a softer style as one might expect from a \'biggest in the country\' tag. The band have been assaulting the eardrums since 1990 and \"Dominator\" is their first EP since 1997, and shows the band in a more Thrashy style than on the only other previous release I own of theirs - 2004\'s \"Paramount Evil\", most evident on \"Slaughterror Superiority\". That the band do produce such extreme music with a pleasant level of technicality - i.e. not your simple Hellhammer style nor in-your-face competency like Cryptopsy - is to their credit, meaning songs feature a number of time changes and numerous riffs to attract the listener. Fans of the Black/Death Metal spectrum will find much to like in just the 15 minutes on offer here as the title-track flays along with the spirit of all that is downright down and disgusting but still maintains a certain Metal spirit to a number of it\'s riffs, be that they are sandwiched between discordant shredding Black Metal solos and numerous blastbeated sections of music.

The listener is even treated to a Sarcófago cover amongst the mêlée, \"The Black Vomit\" which kicks off with a whirlwind of riffs and drum-pounding, no doubt played far more efficiently than on the Brazilian\'s ancient original version. \"At War With Temujin\" reminds me of a slightly more brutal Deströyer 666, with the spiteful vocal style of Shyaithan similar to KK Warslut\'s of the aforementioned and a concise arrangement of riffs that flow well, mixing in both the brutal and hook-laden. With such a short running time, and effectively just 3 original songs (the first is an introduction piece), the marks can\'t be high, but for what it is on offer Impiety show no sign of softening or suffering from writer\'s block after nearly two decades of doing this stuff.

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For The Fans Of: Deströyer 666, Sarcófago
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Release date 25.06.2008
Pulverised Records

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