The Traveling Vampire Show

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Calabrese is the last name of three brothers from the US who have formed a three-piece horror punk band carrying their family name. Though the band hasn\'t really taken off in Europe yet, word of their underground cult success overseas has reached these ears too, and finally their 2007 sophomore album \"The Traveling Vampire Show\" has been properly released on this side of the pond too.

\"uhhh, another zombie/vampire movie freak band playing boring songs\", I hear you say. I don\'t blame you either, because most bands in the genre tend to try to emulate past AFI records with dodgy results. But here, the usual zombie-master lyrical clichés are left to the minimum (other than the b-movie samples in between some tracks), whilst their energetic approach to high octane three chord punk rock is refreshing enough to keep you nodding through the record. There\'s the occasional jab at a real lead guitar riff to distinguish the songs from one another, but for the most part the band are combining the best moments of The Misfits together with \"Sing The Sorrow\" era AFI, spiced up with more woo-hoo vocal lines than Anti-Flag can pack on their entire discography. The songs are pretty damn catchy after a few listens, thanks to all three sharing vocal duties in the plentiful gang vocal bits. That the songs sound like they\'re played with sweat-dripping passion helps as well, of course.

There isn\'t much more one can write about \"The Traveling Vampire Show\", simply because there isn\'t much more to it than what I\'ve said already. So if you\'ve ever liked any of the bands I name-dropped just before, do check out Calabrese. It may not be \"Walk Among Us\" or \"Sing The Sorrow\", but it\'s the best horror punk effort I\'ve heard in a while that hasn\'t been released by those two bands.

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Release date 16.06.2008
Abstract Sounds

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