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Antichrist Execration (EP)

Written by: EW on 26/07/2008 00:20:59

Infernal Execrator were a band I had never heard of when choosing to review their new EP \"Antichrist Execration\", which perhaps is unsurprising as they are a pretty new (formed in 2005) Black/Death band from Singapore. \"Antichrist Execration\" is officially the band\'s first EP and given the band\'s stature and location, where some really quite extreme and rough sounding records have emerged from in the past, is surprisingly well produced and played. The 24 minutes of the EP whiz past at a pretty fast speed, drawing influences from Marduk and fellow Singaporeans Impiety in the song structures and compositions and a very much Abbath-influenced croaky vocal style. While nothing on here is terribly new or original it is played with a certain conviction with nice lead riffs that play on the rhythmic ones in the likes of \"Armageddon Bestial Battle\". The leading guitar throughout bears the thin and high-pitched sound commonly associated with a lot of \'blasphemous\' BM that really goes all the way back to the Norwegians of the early \'90s. \"Antichrist Execration\" is also notable for actually bearing an audible bass which surely must have pleased (current) bass player Kommando Antichristo (yes) as all BM one could care to mention seems to suffer the same final mixing problems - that the producer/mixer forgets to include the bass tracks. A problem I believe a few carefully placed post-it notes in the mixing studio would quickly, and cheaply, alleviate.

\"Final Blasphemy\" hammers away at a slightly slower speed than the other tracks with just enough song-writing panache to entertain the listener and the closing cover of the grimly monikered Impiety track \"Sodomythical Frostgoats\" not only shows off a clear influencer to this small band but also injects a punkier edge to the EP, which is strange as I\'ve never heard that in Impiety before. Given the sheer amount of BM bands all over the world these days all showing off their efforts at being grim and evil, \"Antichrist Execration\" won\'t cause much of a splash in anyone\'s pool but Infernal Execrator are rewarded with points for doing it with more finesse than the majority of others out there, but will however need to continue to work and refine their style to gain an international following outside the most underground of BM elitists.


Download: Armageddon Bestial Battle, Pure Genocidal Apocalypse
For The Fans Of: Impiety, Marduk
Listen: If you find it online somewhere, let us know!

Release date 01.07.2008
Pulverised Records

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