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Total Brutal

Written by: TL on 22/07/2008 00:07:33

As obsessed an Arnold Schwarzenegger fan as I am, even I know, that Arnie-jokes and parodies stopped being funny right around the second Pable Franscisco made it to youtube. However, the clue-train doesn\'t seem to have stopped at Tim Lambesis\'s station yet, as the As I Lay Dying-frontman plays everything on the new release from his side-project \"Austrian Death Machine\", aptly named \"Total Brutal\". Only the vocal duties are left for someone else to do, and fittingly they are handled by \"Arnold himself\".

What \"Total Brutal\" essentially is, is 10 songs of full speed thrash metal, only variated with some breakdowns paying their respects to Tim\'s metalcore dayjob, and accompanied by lyrics and vocals inspired by all your favourite movies, and as such, you won\'t be surprised to find instant classics like \"Get To The Choppa!\" or \"You\'ve Just Been Erased\" in the lyrics sheet. Every song has a prominent guest adding a guitar solo, like for instance Adam Dutkiewicz, to name but one. The songs are interrupted by \"conversations\" between Tim and Arnie, who are talking about various things related to the start of their new band. The humour here is little more than a step over the level of fart-jokes, but if that doesn\'t bother you, you really shouldn\'t miss Arnie\'s proclamation about what he feels about that band \"As I Lay Crying\", or share his discovery of \"What It\'s Like To Be A Singer At Band Practice\".

I don\'t see any reason to make this review overly long, seeing how there isn\'t a serious second present on the cd. Arguably, it\'s fun on a pretty cheap background, but then on the other hand, if you\'re an Arnie fan like me and AB, you\'re probably not one to obsess over seriousity or originality anyway, and seeing as there isn\'t really anything to complain about soundwise (production and performance are top notch), there\'s no reason not to give it a spin or two just for the hell of it. Unless you\'re too cool and sophisticated.........


Download: Get To The Choppa, \"Here Is Subzero, Now Plain Zero\"
For the fans of: Arnold \"The Governator\" Schwarzenegger

Release date 28.07.2008
Metal Blade Records

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