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A Mounting Crisis...As Their Fury Got Released

Written by: PP on 15/07/2008 17:03:16

While we\'re on the topic of Japanese thrash bands, I figured it\'s about time to have Grief Of War\'s new album \"A Mounting Crisis...As Their Fury Got Released\" get its own review as well. Although a lot less maniacally paced as Hayaino Daisuki, Grief Of War can still be considered pretty freaking fast, especially if you\'re not too familiar with the thrash scene. Those that are, however, will find alarmingly close similarities to Slayer, Exodus, Testament and Kreator, the huge heavyweights of the genre.

But that\'s basically what every other thrash revivalist band is doing in 2008 as well, re-hashing age old 80s bay-area riffs in the hope of one day becoming as big as their exemplars. There isn\'t anything wrong with that either, as long as you can produce songs on par with the classics back in the day. Or if you take the influence and transform it into a more modern format like Demiricous have done. But when most of your songs sound like hopeless attempts at bringing back the glory of shredding-while-soloing, you can\'t expect me to be very interested.

Thus, Grief Of War\'s biggest problem is that they sound all too similar to Slayer and others. These dudes are still around, playing great shows and writing great records (\"Christ Illusion\" was very good, if you ask me), so there\'s just no need to have this many clone bands around. To end the review on a more positive note, the Tom Araya-sounding vocalist\'s English is impressive, as without checking out the promo sheet for the band I would\'ve never know these guys were Japanese, kudos for that.


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Release date 24.03.2008
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