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Record production is something that\'s often forgotten to the sidelines these days. The advent of internet, the ability to ask google how to do anything, and the rise of technology has meant that most records tend to sound very good these days, regardless of whether they are self-recorded at home basements or at professional studios with the help of a great producer. As a result of so many great sounding albums landing in my inbox all year long, the ones that lack good production stick out like a sore thumb. These albums often get extremely delayed in the review process, because the reviewer, be it me or someone else in the staff, simply has no motivation to listen to something that sounds much worse than it really should. Unfortunately, that is the fate of Ireland\'s Haieeta and their debut EP \"MVEMJSUN(P)\".\'

Musically, the band dwells somewhere between stoner and doom metal, with long droning passages and heavily down-tuned distortion as the order of the day. Their vocalist sounds a lot like how I would imagine James Hetfield\'s son to sound like if he had an affair with Tom Araya. Occasionally the band throws on a southern groove influence (see \"Haunted Gangster\"), and every now and then the speed is knocked up a notch to some more overly distorted Metallica imitation (\"White Knuckle\").

The songs do hold some promise. The problem is that as a listener, I don\'t get anything out of them when it all sounds like a shoe was placed between the microphone and the rest of the band. I get it, they\'re trying to sound all lo-fi and shit for the sake of being that cool underground stoner/doom outfit, but in this case it just makes them sound like amateurs. This is a shame, because a few of the songs show enormous potential otherwise.


Download: White Knuckle
For the fans of: old school Metallica, Orange Goblin
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Release date 29.03.2008
Realize Records

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