Peter & The Test Tube Babies

A Foot Full Of Bullets

Written by: PP on 18/10/2005 01:11:59

Allow me to introduce you to Peter & The Test Tube Babies and their oldskool punk rock sound (with an ambiance that rids u off any worries) more common to the late 70s early 80s, before the likes of NOFX and Bad Religion started influencing punk bands around the globe. Peter's band has existed since 1978 and "A Foot Full Of Bullets" is their seventh studio album (excluding live and covers albums), and their first one in more than eight years.

Kids, this is what punk rock used to sound back in the 'good old days' when the actual movement was still alive and breathing. It isn't as substance filled as today's serious political punk like Strike Anywhere and Rise Against, nor is it anywhere nearly as melodic as the skatepunk bands; it's merely humour-filled, garage-ish three chorded songs about drinking and... drinking, as you may have guessed from titles like "Still Love The Pub", "Driven To Beers", "Ye Old Pub Rocker" and other bizarre names.

The chords in "Distorted View" sound like they've been borrowed from an old Bad Religion song, and in other songs they're just too predictable to have the wow-factor that's ever so important in today's punk rock world. The over-used mass backup vocals, and the underproduction of all songs are the two things that really drag this album down to a grade lower than it should get. "A Foot Full Of Bullets" would've been a great album in the early 80s, but it's punk rock revivalist sound seems awfully misplaced in today's world.

Peter & The Test Tube Babies have been huge in the past, but this album foreshadows that the band is just playing for the fun of it, and not even trying to bring back the past glories of songs like "Banned From The Pubs". Take this one with you to a karaoke night at your local pub, or play it in the background while pre-drinking with your friends, but by no means buy this album for serious listening purposes.


Download: Driven To Beers, Distorted View
For the fans of: The Clash

Release date 24.10.2005
Locomotive Records
Provided by Target ApS

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