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Searching For The How\'s And Why\'s

Written by: TL on 28/06/2008 12:49:53

If you\'re like me, you\'ve seen the bandname \"Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly\" pop up here and there for the better part of a year or two, without ever really managing to pull yourself to check out what it actually covers. Now my time has come however, as I\'m reviewing the recently released sophomore effort \"Searching For The How\'s And Why\'s\".

The curious name covers the project of Sam Duckworth, a seemingly clever young man who aside from his musical career, spends time with political debate and supporting a number of nobel causes. Somewhat of a save-the-world kind of guy. The reason this is relevant, is because \"Searching For The How\'s And Why\'s\" is more or less the soundtrack to that side of Sam\'s life. Over 13 tracks (the 14th is an interlude) of minimalistic instrumentation provided by our lead man\'s band, he sings the kind of songs that are supposed to raise your awareness of social inequality and the likes.

The problem with this record is that, when I say minimalistic instrumentation, I really mean \"The kind that never ever becomes interesting at all\". It seems like the horns, acoustic guitars and drums are all just there to provide an excuse for Mr. Duckworth to sing out his opinions. This would be okay I guess, if his vocals weren\'t, if not poor, then at least nothing out of the ordinary. So they can\'t carry the arrangements, neither can the instruments, and all that\'s really left to lift the burden, are Sam\'s noble opinions.

Quite frankly, I\'m searching for the \"Why do I want to listen to this?\". I mean, it\'s not that I have anything against the man voicing his opinions, but if he can\'t be bothered to put some good music to them, why not write a book instead of a record? Afterall, I for one listen to music for the sake of music, and I\'m more interested in someone talented than someone opinionated. You might argue that the arrangements are actually alright seen from a pop point of view, but then I\'ll leave it to a pop-site to praise them, because for a rock fan, they\'re just way too anonymous, and as a whole \"Searching For The How\'s And Why\'s\" seems quite boring to me.

Download: Let The Journey Begin, Young And Lovestruck
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Release Date 10.03.2008
Atlantic Records

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