Driving Out Of Focus

Written by: PP on 25/06/2008 18:03:26

Apparently, \"In the shadows of the Alps mountains lies the noise-rock kingdom of Switzerland.\", at least if you are to believe the promo material accompanying Geneva based Commodor\'s debut album \"Driving Out Of Focus\". And to an extent the statement holds, because I\'ve already had the chance to review a few other noise-rock outfits from Switzerland in the past. They all seem to share one thing in common: quality, a trend that \"Driving Out Of Focus\" upholds very well, indeed.

Like most other noise rock acts around the world, Commodor relies on heavily distorted, repetitive guitar riffs, which build up slowly...very slowly... v e r y s l o w l get the point. But their strength lies in making this progression easily accessible for the listener through the inclusion of cleverly melodic passages in between. But they aren\'t out to expand their sound into every possible dimension and into every direction; Commodor keeps things simple, tight and danceable at all times. Take \"Don Starsky\", for instance, which gets me dancing and rocking around my chair every time I hear it. Similarly, \"Goats On The Cliff\" makes the endless progression and noise-filled atmosphere easy to approach, whether you\'re a beginner in the genre or a veteran. Think about These Arms Are Snakes making their sound a bit less chaotic, a bit more melodic, and still being their crazy selves on record.

Most noise bands seem to get stuck in a limbo zone between the \"enjoyable\" and the \"so artistic it\'s damn near impossible to get into\". Commodor sits firmly on top of the former category without sacrificing any artistic beauty, and at least in my opinion, the band stands on the very top of the Swiss noise-rock kingdom.


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For the fans of: These Arms Are Snakes, Knut, Cave In, mewithoutYou
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Release date 12.05.2008
Distile Records

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