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Written by: AB on 20/06/2008 02:10:30

I have never heard of Austria\'s Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space before, but when I did I knew I wanted to review them, if for nothing else than just because of their awesome band name! So I yelled \"shotgun!\" and got the album... Well, I should probably have given it another thought. From Myspace I knew they don\'t exactly play my favourite kind of music, I knew they are a \'fun\' band complete with silly stage names and a fascination for horror movies of the 50ies - I just thought they would be able to carry it through, that the amount of fun and silly nonsense would be enough to make the album.

But no. And well, yes. Yes, the songs are catchy-ish, funny and easy-listenable. Yes, you shouldn\'t take them too seriously (with a name like Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space you probably shouldn\'t take them seriously at all!), but just enjoy the ride. Yes, this is good, unclean fun. But it isn\'t enough. I thought it might be, but when they more or less sound like any other pop-punk/horror-punk band out there, we need a lot more than lyrics about giant spiders, 50s drive-in theaters and shooting cheerleaders at prom night (nice as it might be) to make it worthwhile. Ok, they did throw in a few lyrics to please the more romantic part of the goth crowd with songs likes \"Heartbreaks & Tragedies\" and \"Sad Serenade of the Nightingale\", but it doesn\'t help when all the songs practically sound the same.

To me, it\'s standard horror-pop-punk songs throughout the whole album, spiced with the occasional sound clip from what appears to be old school horror movies. Fast singing, choruses going \'oh-oooohh oh-ooooh\', fast (not really), simple (really) guitar work, basic verse-chorus-verse structure, nothing remotely like a guitar solo, and simple drumming (but groovy, I must admit). Beware though, when I say pop-punk, I don\'t mean like the big stadium high school pop-punk acts like Blink 182, Sum 41 and the likes. When I say pop-punk I mean simple, easy-listenable, fun, happy sing-along music. It\'s horror-punk, without the punk, and just a little horror. Horror-pop?

Kudos must go to the effort though. The Zombies ARE quite fun, the music IS kinda groovy, everything IS lighthearted. I just can\'t imagine that anyone who likes to be serious about the music they listen to – anyone who not just listens to music to pass time – would ’get’ anything out of them. I can only imagine this to be played at small alcohol-free parties of pre-teens trying to be goths


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Release date 14.04.2008
Cargo Records
Provided by Target ApS

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