Old Pride, New Glory

Written by: PP on 12/06/2008 22:40:08

After seven full lengths and more than a decade together as a band, no one can blame a band for wanting to have some fun instead of writing a serious record. Discipline, the Dutch street rock / oi! / hardcore band, is about to release 30 (!) songs worth of covers on \"Old Pride, New Glory\", twelve of which are brand new, arranged specifically for this release. To add some value for their fans and others alike, they have thrown on a bonus disc as well, with 18 more covers that were recorded throughout their career. All of this totals to over 80 minutes of music for the price of just one CD.

Imagine The Deadly Sins, The Briggs and Dropkick Murphys teaming up with Agnostic Front and Madball. The end result would surely be singalongable pub/drinking rock with old school hardcore nuances, which is exactly how Discipline sound like on their usual studio albums albums; simplistic three chord punk rock with gang shouts and a melodically yelling vocalist.

Now imagine your favorite songs from bands like Motörhead, Ramones, Billy Idol, The Misfits, Rose Tattoo, The Business, Social Distortion re-arranged to sound exactly like the former description. \"Old Pride, New Glory\" isn\'t just some random band playing faithful note by note covers of label selected songs. Discipline have carefully chosen tracks that have meant most to them over the years, and have changed them enough to make them sound like their own songs, while still beholding the (often timeless) melodies of the original versions.

Songs like \"I Wanna Live\" (Ramones) and \"Prison Bound\" (Social Distortion) have been given an attitude treatment, completely transforming the nature of the songs from seminal punk rock anthems to grassroots level street rock. Sounds like the band has put an amazing amount of effort into these covers, if you ask me. Even the otherwise overly poppy songs like Billy Idol\'s \"Rebel Yell\" are down with any punk rock enthusiast or anyone glad for two-stepping at shows.

Still, considering how Discipline has already had a three year break from releasing any original music, one can\'t help but wonder why they didn\'t write and release another full length album instead of one consisting only of covers. Nonetheless, \"Old Pride, New Glory\" still sounds like it\'s a Discipline album, and as this band\'s reputation already should tell you: they rarely, if ever, disappoint the listener. Anyway, I feel kind of stupid trying to decide on a rating for an all-covers album, so I don\'t really know what to rate it. It\'s a good (and fun!) listen but probably doesn\'t contain much longevity, which is why I\'ll leave it between the two \"good\" marks 7 and 8.

Download: Stand, Power, I Wanna Live
For the fans of: The Business, The Casualties, The Unseen
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Release date 13.06.2008
I Scream Records

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