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Pyramids are the kind of band that music elitists love purely for the reason that they are so strange the mainstream music listening public will never, ever understand what\'s so good about the band. As such, magazines like Pitchfork or LowCut are guaranteed to rate their self-titled debut album highly simply for its (arguably) eerily beautiful landscapes that have more akin with the oddities your mind comes up with in deep sleep than with real music. While I agree that there\'s a certain degree of ambition and tendency for experimentation required from the artist in order to convey that successfully, more often than not such an approach leads into inaccessible music that\'s overwhelmingly difficult to listen to. \"Pyramids\" features both of these qualities without being utterly rubbish.

Basically, you can expect lots of clean distortion, endless feedback loops and dreamy soundscapes. Or that\'s the starting point at least. To make things a bit weirder, Pyramids throw in pummeling drums at manic speeds, which, curiously enough, have been faded away to a place far away from the other instruments. People who live in apartment buildings or terraced houses might recognize this feature as similar to having your neighbor playing death metal styled drums three doors down from you; you can hear it just enough on the background to recognize the beats. This approach fits the album well considering how the five hundred thousand pedals that the guitarist must be using create a spacious, floating atmosphere, as if the band was levitating somewhere in outer space, so that the drumming doesn\'t interfere with the purposefully soft, dreamy soundscape of the album. Add in the whispery, at times whiney \"whooooohhhhh\" vocals that blend into the atmosphere to an extent that they are almost unrecognizable, and you\'ve got your overly experimentalist musical output textbook style. Except you\'ve probably never heard anything like Pyramids before.

If you\'re into the whole minimalistic ambience meets chaotic instrumentals and endless feedback kind of thing, Pyramids will be your new, very good friend. Everyone else, however, including the undersigned, will find the album intriguing on first or second listen, but kind of pointless and directionless thereafter. Only for experimental elitists.

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Release date 22.04.2008
Hydra Head
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