No Balance Palace

Written by: PH on 12/10/2005 16:37:56

Kashmir's fifth album, No Balance Palace, is probably not the best Kashmir-album ever made, but they are holding onto their status as one of the biggest and most ambitious danish bands right now.

The fact that Tony Visconti has produced the album is barely noticeable, since it's almost the same sound as on their previous release "Zitilites" - which is not a bad thing by any means, though.

The big surprises on the album are the guest starrings of David Bowie & Lou Reed. David Bowie sings the second verse on "The Cynic", which is also a candidate for the best song on the album. David Bowie is not really improving the song that much, but when Kasper Eistrup(the vocalist) starts singing backing vocals in the chorus, where Bowie sings, the songs reaches the absolute klimax.

Lou Reed is reading a poem, "Black Building", which Kasper has written. They could easily have left this "song" out, since it's neither good nor cool at all.

Another surprise on the album is that Kasper, in some songs, sings very brightly, which sounds good in a few songs, but for instance the first single of the album, "The Curse Of Being A Girl", is so irritating.

Songs like "Kalifornia", "The Cynic", "She's Made Of Chalk" and "Jewel Drop" will be remembered for a long time, since they're on the same level(if not higher) than Kashmir classics like "Mom In Love..", "Rocket Brothers" and so on. The thing I really like about No Balance Palace, is that there a no obvious "singalongs".

All in all, a pretty good album by Kashmir. Not perfect, but it's definately worth buying.


Download: The Cynic, She's Made Of Chalk

For the fans of: Mew, Sonic Youth

Release date 10.09.2005


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