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Middnattsol is a German/Norwegian symphonic metal band based around the band\'s two female beauties, singer Carmen Elise and bassist Birgit Öllbrunner, each with massively long blonde hair sure to attract attention from any male metal fans, at least. \"Nordlys\", or \"North Light\" in English, is the groups second album and a big step forward from their debut, with epic soundscapes and colossal sound splattered all across a folk metal base.

As you might imagine from the cover, Carmen\'s voice reaches operatic heights, giving the album some gothic overtone. Bring this together with the symphonic instruments and some folky riffs scattered here and there, and you\'re not far from Nightwish\'s latest album \"Dark Passion Play\", though still nowhere near the kind of grand proportions that album contains.

The key selling point of Middnattsol is still Carmen\'s voice, which is angelic and operatic at the same time as being powerful. That offers some contrast to other bands in the goth metal genre, where the vocalist usually either has a rough and strong voice, or a sky high but delicate voice.

Although bits and pieces of \"Nordlys\" offer interesting instrumental work, ranging from the quiet ballad to stormy grandeur, it\'d be wrong to say Middnatsol are doing something new here. Trail Of Tears, Leaves\' Eyes, Nightwish, Theatre Of Tragedy and many others have all taken you to the same place as Middnatsol does: the songs aren\'t bad as such, it\'s just that the amount of goth bands sounding like clones of each other is starting to reach critical mass.

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Release date 01.04.2008
Napalm Records

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