Vverevvolf Grehv

Zombie Aesthetics

Written by: PP on 21/05/2008 03:05:18

Last time I checked, inserting nonsensical dissonance into skipping sound samples and chaotically entering and disappearing \'instrumental\' passages wasn\'t considered music. No matter how hard \"Vverevvolf Grehv\" tries to convince us otherwise by adding sound elements that usually are associated with broken record players, scratched CDs that are too old, and industrial construction, it just isn\'t music. \"Zombie Aesthetics\" is a light title for an album that really isn\'t music at all as much as it is meaningless noise.

\"Audio Processor\" is probably the best example of the above. A couple of spoken word samples saying \"check..check..check\" are mixed together with vocal effects that really belong into the severely disfigured mental ward than on actual record, and the \'instruments\' aren\'t any better. It all sounds like the producer decided to record only every 10th or so millisecond to the \'music\', leaving an effect of skipping throughout the music that can only be described as mind numbingly annoying. The opening track \"Emancipation Of Dissonance\" serves as another example: during the first five listening sessions on the road, I thought either my recently-fixed iPod was already dying out again, or my car stereo was having some serious problems in adjusting into heavy music.

Turns out neither was the case, and \"Zombie Aesthetics\" really is as bad as it sounds. Although not easy to believe after listening to bands like The Dillinger Escape Plan or The Sound Of Animals Fighting, there really is a limit experimentalism in music, and that limit has been severely distorted on the Vverevvolf Grehv record. This isn\'t music.


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Release date 10.03.2008
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