Kingdom Of Sorrow

Kingdom Of Sorrow

Written by: AP on 20/05/2008 00:24:39

What happens when Jamey Jasta, the mastermind behind hardcore poster boys Hatebreed, and Kirk Windstein of Crowbar fame fuse their powers? A crushing, morose display of metal brilliance, if Kingdom of Sorrow\'s promotion and hype is to be held fact; a two-man super group that delivers some of the heaviest and most muscular music in years. Admittedly it looks pretty on paper but let\'s face it, the one prerequisite to collaborative effort is that both parts engage in mutual give and take, and sadly Kingdom of Sorrow\'s self-titled debut album offers little such compromise. The riffs sound like Kirk wrote them, the lyrics and vocals sound like Jamey sang them, and that\'s as about as exciting as it gets.

From second one it\'s clear that the creative minds of these two celebrities lack the courage to forge something truly ambitious. It\'s eleven songs\' worth of Jasta\'s trademark in-your-face roaring layered onto Windstein\'s dense but pleasantly varied set of riffs. Fans of Hatebreed will be quick to point out the resemblance to said band\'s music, only that the tempo has been tamed somewhat. It\'s played safe, but it\'s played good. Unfortunately technical know-how won\'t bring an album far by itself, and it\'s here that the album flops. And while Windstein\'s riffs are groovy (as should be expected from a Bee Gee descendant) and inventive, they\'re also the album\'s only pontoons. It\'d often be hard to tell one track from another, were it not for the pauses in between them, something that Jamey must take responsibility for. His vocals simply don\'t carry the same punishing effect or urgency they would if sung to faster, punkier tracks like those of Hatebreed.

Not surprisingly, the three tracks that do have these particular feats precipitate a far more ferocious punch and would even sound pretty intriguing, had they not been done over and over again by countless hardcore bands, not at least Hatebreed. Instead, after recovering from the initial shock of these sudden speed changes, one finds himself thinking \"hasn\'t this been done before?\" Kingdom of Sorrow is a beaming example of a celebrity super group flop; a hard-hitting metal epic that offers nothing new and nothing particularly sock-rocking.


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Release date 25.02.2008


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