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Written by: TL on 16/05/2008 17:05:11

I\'m sorry, but I\'m going to have to be a bit harsh. In the promotional material of the new Figure Of Six record \"Aion\", it says that ever since the \"introduction of electronic and melodic complicity\" to the band\'s original hardcore sound, they have been \"impossible to categorize and very difficult to label\". I have two words to say about that: \"Generic\" and \"metalcore\". In the words of Maddox; \"Boom, now what motherfucker?\".

I wonder if As I Lay Dying ever stopped to realise the size of the snowball they sent rolling when they immortalized the \"screamed verse/clean chorus\" formula. Since that particular idea saw the light of day, it seems there\'s no end to the stream of bands that consider it some kind of divine gift to music. Figure Of Six is no exception, as they too jump through all the loops suitable for a contemporary metal outfit, adding the obligatory hardcore breakdowns and topping it all off with clean choruses reminiscent of what BoySetsFire used to sound like before their all too early demise. Fans of them are welcome to rant about how they also have such unique additions as futuristic synth-effects, samples and what not, but the simple truth is that the songs on \"Aion\" have already been recorded in infinitely better versions by bands like As I Lay Dying and All That Remains, and no amount of keyboards can change that.

Tue Madsen has had another day at the office, making sure what\'s on the record at least sounds cleaner than crystal, so my negativity aside, it\'s not like it\'s a pain to listen to. In fact, I reckon that if you really were hungry for more in the vein of ATR, AILD, I Killed The Prom Queen or Still Remains, \"Aion\" would be a perfect album for you, but with releases by all those bands and all of their imposters saturating the market already, I wonder if Figure Of Six themselves know how they\'re supposed to stand out or even fit in.

\"Aion\" is well done, the boys can play, no doubt about it, but when it comes to getting us interested they still have a loooong way to go before they come into their own. Stunningly average.


Download: Akeldama (Bloody Field), Morning Star
For The Fans Of: All That Remains, As I Lay Dying, I Killed The Prom Queen
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Release date 18.04.2008
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