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Redemption EP

Written by: TL on 16/05/2008 16:30:53

Admittedly, I am not a long time Walls Of Jericho fan, and thus I have little knowledge of the band\'s previous work. However, I understand that their approach on their recent EP \"Redemption\" is quite different from what they usually sound like. As a couple of quick listens on Myspace has revealed to me, the band usually plays a variant of metallic hardcore, distinguished by the fact that the role as lead screamer is filled by female singer Candace Kucsulain.

Metallic hardcore is not to be found anywhere on \"Redemption\". Considering the fact that Corey Taylor (of Slipknot/Stone Sour, just in case you live under a rock) has taken care of production, sung backup vocals and seemingly been involved up to his elbows in this release, it\'s very very hard not to think of the vast difference between Slipknot and Stone Sour. Just as Stone Sour seems to be the mature and sensitive opposite to Slipknot\'s raging beastiness, \"Redemption\" seems be a preview of what Walls Of Jericho will sound like when they grow old.

In fact, \"Redemption\" sounds an awful lot like Stone Sour. The expression has been shaved down to minimal instrumentation, with the spotlight firmly fixated on Candace\'s clean vocal capabilities, and \"Redemption\"\'s problem is quite frankly, that in that department she does not possess the versatility to bear the weight of such an arrangement. By no means does she sing bad, she just keeps it too simple, and with songs as simple as the four here, progressing as little as they do, most listeners should recognize the fact that music of this kind can be found in other places in a much richer form. This issue is displayed all too clearly, when in the end of the third song \"No Saving Me\", Candace lets loose with two screamed lines, and for those brief moments the contrast works wonders for the energy of that song.

About the inclusion of a version of \"House Of The Rising Sun\", I have to say I\'m simply annoyed. It should be a rule set in stone, that if you\'re not going to add anything new to a song, there\'s no reason to re-record it. Save it for your live performances. Trust me there\'s no reason whatsoever for anyone to want to listen to Walls Of Jericho\'s version over the classic The Animals one.

Now \"Redemption\" is a mighty fine recording of some skilled musicians playing thoughtful and melancholic music, but when that\'s been said, there\'s next to no meat on its bone. Sure there\'s skill and sure there\'s mood but it doesn\'t seem to be used for anything, and to be honest, the word \"boring\" just seems to fit all too well on this one.


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Release Date 28.04.2008
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