Enemy Rose

Promises We\'ll Never Keep

Written by: PP on 16/05/2008 12:01:34

It\'s been a while since I\'ve last reviewed an album that didn\'t give a fuck about a) genre definitions or b) breaking genre definitions. In fact, it\'s been a while since I\'ve even heard of such an album, so thank Enemy Rose for daring to write and release an album like \"Promises We\'ll Never Keep\", which is sure to restore memories in especially the older reader base of this magazine.

With one foot in 70s rock \'n\' roll and another in oldschool punk rock a la The Stooges, Enemy Rose\'s sound is best described with the giant umbrella term \'rock\'. They aren\'t really punk, and they aren\'t alternative for sure, nor are they classic rock, but simply everything in between.

The record consists of enjoyable rock songs full of simple riffs and chord, with a touch of glam rock attitude and chill-out lifestyle. This is no gimmick, no bullcrap music, where the focus is on writing songs that are relaxing, but yet have enough kick to keep you going 120 on an open motorway. Sure, the band might wear eyeliner in promo shots and have funky haircuts, but that\'s perhaps the only connection they have with the modern music scene. Think Eve 6 and take them about a decade back from their self-titled debut album, to a time where breakdowns didn\'t exist, \'core\' was a scientific term and pretentiousness didn\'t exist in the music scene, at least not on as large scale as it does today.

\"Promises We\'ll Never Keep\" is the best album for those moments when you are dying to get away from the pitfalls of music in 2008, when you want to jump to a time when music aroused real emotions inside of you. That alone, is something worth taking note of and checking out.

Download: Rattle The Cages, Buried Alive, Tainted (With Regrets)
For the fans of: Eve 6, The Stooges, Mercy Killers
Listen: Myspace

Release date 30.04.2008
I Scream Records
Provided by Gordeon Music

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