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Written by: PP on 13/05/2008 02:41:03

Destinity. What an awful name for a band. What the hell does Destinity even mean? Is the band trying to project that this is their destiny, or something completely different? I guess we\'ll never know (until someone asks them in an interview at least). But criticism of the name aside, the French melodic death metallers are on their fourth album with the release of \"The Inside\", and judging solely by the tunes on this record, they\'ve never sounded better.

From the opening moments of the record, the listener is pulled into the world of melodic growling, technical guitar riffs learned from At The Gates records, and pummeling drums which dominate the soundscape behind the twin-guitar harmonies.

While the first three songs are decent and have plenty of moments making you go \"wow, that was a sweet melody\", they lack the urgency, speed and aggression of the rest of the CD. Not before the fourth track, \"Still Remember\", does the band deliver sheer melodeath godhood in the form of lightning speed technical tapping and full-speed double-blast beat destruction. From here on, the twin-guitar harmonies are executed to near-perfection. \"A Thousand Falling Skies\" might not be as fast and as killer as the song before, but it does the job very well, thanks to the (always) magnificent production by Jacob Hansen. The clean vocals sound haunting, but yet they come across crystal clear on top of the razor sharp guitars and drumming. \"Inhuman Corrosive Report\" crosses over to grindcore a little, bringing disturbingly growled vocals and a more chaotic instrumental landscape into the mix. Any Severe Torture fans should find this track awesome. \"Ready To Leave\" throws in some symphonic elements, with a full orchestra backing the already colossal fretwork and commanding drumming.

Had enough yet? Wait til \"Enemy Process\", where the speed returns with a blast. The lead riff is killer, the kind that pulls the carpet from underneath you for being just so fucking awesome. The fast brutal growls give nice contrast to the clean guitars, and the execution is tight as hell - something you\'ll find a common denominator on most tracks within \"The Inside\".

Overall, \"The Inside\" is a good melodeath record. It\'s been a while since the genre has produced anything as well executed and played as the majority of this record. Of course, Destinity isn\'t quite on level yet with the genre classics, but \"The Inside\" shows that the distance is shortening. Think At The Gates mating with any Gothenburg melodeath band, and you\'ve got it.

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Release date 28.04.2008
Lifeforce Records
Provided by Target ApS

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