My Uncle The Wolf

My Uncle The Wolf

Written by: PP on 12/05/2008 00:57:43

Brooklyn, New York based My Uncle The Wolf have received a considerable amount of hype in some magazines, as they are following closely in the footsteps of bands like Down, Pantera and Alice In Chains, writing dirtily distorted hard rock with southern fried riffs dripping of pure rock n roll attitude. Their self-titled debut was even produced by Down\'s very own Jimmy Bower, which might explain some of the similarity, but the band\'s overall mission is clear: restoring the unpredictability into rock music.

Now, the band does this by keeping the listener on his toes at all times. The album opener \"March Of The Hung\" relies solely on a groovy riff akin to something you might hear from Maylene & The Sons Of Disaster. Its sheer power and vocalist Zac Brown\'s stoner rock styled wails set a redneck metal light to the album from the get go. But straight after, \"Double Barrel Blues\" surprises with a toned down sound, which is surely familiar to any fan of Soundgarden\'s balladsy stuff. The two songs are thus polar opposites in terms of sound, but yet the southern/hard rock vibe can be smelled from in between the lines.

The majority of \"My Uncle The Wolf\" relies on the band either firing sick grooves or sending tranquillizing vocal harmonies your way. This works best when the riffs are loud, or when Brown\'s vocals are most reminiscent of Scott Weiland. But occasionally the band wonders away from these key elements, and the riffs become plain, and the scratched singing starts to annoy you. Depending on the degree of Alice In Chains/Soundgarden fanatic inside of you, the album starts repeating itself too soon, and the quality starts quickly draining away. Of course, if early to mid 90s are your favorite era of music, My Uncle The Wolf will earn its worthy place alongside Down and Maylene & The Sons Of Disaster on your record shelf. But if that particular era should be left alone to its classic bands in your opinion, My Uncle begins to sound rather sheepish in the end.


Download: March Of The Hung, A Siren\'s Chorus, Double Barrel Blues
For the fans of: Maylene & The Sons Of Disaster, Down, Soundgarden
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Release date 21.03.2008
Cargo Records
Provided by Target ApS

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