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Written by: PP on 25/04/2008 21:20:40

Crash Romeo has surprised me positively with their sophomore album \"Gave Me The Clap\". After their generic debut album all I expected was another pop punk album offering nothing but things we\'ve heard from every other fourth or fifth wave (yes I made that up) pop punk band in the last two or three years. Although \"Gave Me The Clap\" isn\'t re-inventing the wheel for sure, it still manages to be a very good wheel taking you on a musical journey through the highlights of the pop punk genre.

Opening with the summery riff of \"About To Break\" and vocalist Travis\' youthful clean voice, the band jumps straight into an infectious song with a speedy chorus destined to stick into your mind for weeks. The single \"Popular\" follows, relaxing the tempo a bit for the purposes of the atypical pop punk song chorus about hardships of high school/college times: \"They say you\'re popular, but I don\'t wanna see your face again..\". It\'s decent and catchy as well, but it\'s a weird choice for a single considering the band has songs like the title track available on the album. Additional elements here include the obligatory hand-claps and the \"WELL GOOD LUCK WITH THAT\" scream that launches the song into a speedy guitar-driven passage, which leads the band into an unforgettable chorus \"clap clap clap clap your hands\". It might be simple, but it works - think Hit The Lights here.

\"Lady Luck\" is bound to be a stadium-breaker with its everyone-off-the-floor riffs and slower vocal lines. But like \"Popular\", although it is a good song, the slower tempo sacrifices much of the joy/fun element present in songs like \"Victim Liar\" - a song that\'ll easily hit spot on for any \"Tell All Your Friends\" era Taking Back Sunday fan with its alternating scaling vocal lines.

The obligatory ballad (why do pop punk bands do this?) \"Give Me Something\" is pretty much the only track on the album you can\'t really use for anything. It\'s just an extremely slow, extremely soft version of their other songs, and when their key strength is to get people jumping and singing along, a boring acoustic song isn\'t necessary at all. Luckily there\'s only one of them, and it\'s followed by the guitar-heavy \"Honest Eyes\", another song which should be considered as single material, though I\'m almost 100% certain I\'ve heard the opening vocal harmony somewhere else before - I just can\'t put my finger on it.

As I said earlier in this review, \"Gave Me The Clap\" might not be the most original album, in fact it might not be original at all. But who says you have to sound original to sounds exceptionally good? Crash Romeo are the proof to that statement, and they seem to be the Hit The Lights of 2008.

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Release date 25.03.2008

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