Re-Up (Re-release)

Written by: PP on 25/04/2008 20:57:10

So it seems like recent days have seen a wave of nu-metal albums coming our way by bands both old and new. Comadose and their album \"Re-Up\" is one of the old ones all the way back from the Limp Bizkit obsessed era of 2001, when the genre was climaxing with good releases from pretty much every \'heavyweight\' in the genre. Comadose wasn\'t one of the heavyweights back then, and they certainly aren\'t one of them now, so why Locomotive Records decide to re-release their poorly written record \"Re-Up\" in 2008 is a complete mystery to me.

Listening to \"Re-Up\" it\'s pretty easy to see that the band members simply wanted to capitalize on the success of the genre back in the day. Just listen to the DJ guy spinning the records, forming almost identical sound effects to those we were introduced to on Linkin Park\'s debut album \"Hybrid Theory\". The problem is that whilst Mr Hahn of Linkin Park did a great job behind the turntables, the Comadose guy comes across barely as an imitator.

Throw in poorly rapped annoying vocals and some instruments stolen from Disturbed\'s \"Bodies\" (see \"Buzzkill\"), and you\'ve got the rest of the album summed up. Worth nothing is that the production is poorly done as well, leaving Comadose sounding like amateurs still working in their garage. I\'m tempted to say even Limp Bizkit sounds better than Comadose, but we all know that would be a lie.


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Release date 28.03.2008
Locomotive Records
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