Here are some details about current development on the site.


  1. Public beta period for RF v4.
  2. Development of mobile access to the site:
    • A version of the site which is optimised for mobile browsers.
    • Mobile apps for Android™ and iOS™.
  3. Overhaul of the back-end, enabling new features for users (this won't happen in our sun's lifetime).

Known Issues

The site is a work-in-progress and, with limited resources and a general sense of apathy, that progress is slow! The following is a list of bugs and other problems which we know about and will eventually get round to fixing. Alternatively, we might just learn to live with them.

  • Poor layout of the new home page.
  • Poor layout of the release dates page.
  • No way to sort articles by their scores.
  • Search is only based on simple string matching.
  • The site is run by idiots.

Recent Activity

The following is a list of recent changes to the site:

  • 10/03/12 - Added a new calendar view for browsing tour dates.
  • 07/03/12 - Added photographers' website URLs to their profiles on the About > Staff page.
  • 04/11/11 - Added a "load more news posts" button to the home page. Clicking this loads the next most recent posts without taking you to a different page.
  • 04/11/11 - Fixed a bug which allowed an "attacker" to upload arbitrary images to our server!
  • 04/11/11 - Moved the date, author and venue information on gig, interview and feature articles to a position below the image so that it doesn't obscure the photo.
  • 01/11/11 - Fixed a bug where articles with oversized images were displayed as a blank page due to the PHP process crashing. If an article's image is too large to fit in the currently available memory, no attempt will be made to resize it and the image will be displayed at full size.
  • 31/10/11 - Fixed a bug where comments failed to load on articles with double quote marks (") in their titles.


We want your help improving Rockfreaks.net. We'd like to hear your ideas on how we can improve the site, from design changes to a topic for a special feature. Also, if you notice any misinformation in the articles, any copy errors or any bugs and glitches, then let us know and we will try and fix it.

Use the form below to send us your thoughts. Alternatively you can send us an e-mail on the address found on the contact page.


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